Christmas Celebration

Unique Christmas Celebrations Around The World

People from all over the world are looking forward to Christmas celebration. That special day full of miracle and magic. That festive day full of holiday spirit and dreams. Christmas is celebrated in many cultures and countries, and the most beautiful thing about it is the unique christmas traditions every country has.



Christmas is one of the most important and truly cherished holidays for the Ukrainians. During this special holiday all of the family members gather for a traditional dinner at home, which consist of the 12 unique dish courses. Each course is cooked in the honour of the Christ’s Apostles. The most important one is “Kutya”. It is cooked with rice, dry fruits and special Ukrainian spices. It is a necessary dish of the Ukrainian Christmas Table, and most of the Ukrainians follow the tradition of making it.  After “Kutya” comes world-known soup “Borsch”, dumplings with mushrooms “Vushka”. After that different fish courses, potato dumplings “Vareniki” and cabbage wraps “Golubtsi” are served. And I can assure you that all of the courses are DELICIOUS and worth trying! Another interesting fact is that Ukrainians follow Georgian calendar and gather for the Christmas dinner on the night of January 6th. Isn”t it surprising? 🙂

Ukrainian Traditional Drawing

Ukrainian Traditional Drawing of Christmas


Americans have a lot of different Christmas traditions because of the rich culture mix. Traditions are derived from all of the world, yet Americans have such a unique way of celebrating this cherished holiday. I have never seen people so into Christmas decorations as in the United States! Everything is sparkling and lightning! Houses are decorated over the top with many lights, snowflakes and even statues of Santa Claus, Reindeers, and Snowmen! 🙂 It looks like a fairytale! Food served on the Christmas table varies on the families’ cultures and customs. When I celebrated Christmas in the US, my family and I made smoked ribs, baked asparagus, mashed potatoes and cheesecake for a dessert! It was so tasty that it makes me want to cook these dishes again this year!

American Christmas

American Christmas Decor


Germany has so many beautiful traditions of celebrating Christmas! The holiday season officialy starts on the December 6th, St. Nicholas Day. On the December 5th, children wait for a sweet treat from the Saint Nicholas. According to the German tradition, if little kids behaved well during the year, they will receive a delicious present from Saint Nicholas. Germany is also famous for their festive Christmas Markets. You can find there anything staring from delicious food to unique home decorations. Just look at this picture, doesn’t it look great?

German Christmas Market

German Christmas Market


Italians cherish Christmas Day and tend to celebrate it among all of the family members! Traditionally families cook 7 different fish courses known as ‘Esta dei Sette Pesci’ in Italian. The tradition comes from the South of Italy, and according to the legend each dish represents 7 days of creation in the Bible. And what I like the most about Italian celebration, is a tasty Christmas Cake “Panettone”. It could be baked with dry fruits, chocolate, or cream! Here is the recipe of Panettone for you:) It is so delicious that you should try it!

Italian Panettone

Italian Panettone


Every country has their unique way of celebrating this magical day, and delicious Christmas food is an integral part of this holiday  season. DishesOnly has designed holiday dinnerware that will make your Christmas meals look even more unique and tastier! Lets take a look!


Find out more about DishesOnly Christmas Table Settings here! And have an amazing holiday break with a lot of presents and fun! 🙂 

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