Our favorite color to style your white dinnerware set

Who doesn’t have a white dinnerware set in the cupboard? A white dinnerware set is like having a jolly in our hands. It really combines with everything. You can use it for an elegant dinner party, and for more casual and informal gatherings.

Although a white dinnerware set can be matched with any color, our fave one is yellow mustard. We think that white and yellow together are just sublime. This combination is also perfect for a wedding color palette, as suggested by Martha Stewart.

Yellow is an elegant and chic color. From its lighter hues, like lemon, to its darker hues, like honey and mustard, yellow is a glam color to style your home as well as your dinner table. Walls, chairs, furniture, lamps, can brighten up any space. Furthermore, yellow is perfect in every season: summer, spring, autumn and even winter.  It is the color of wheat, sunflowers, autumn leaves. If you want to use yellow to decorate your home you may find this link useful.

Back to our white dinnerware set, by now it should be clear enough that we absolutely love yellow, especially when combined with white. We have pulled together different mood boards that we would like to share with you. We hope that you can take some inspiration to style your house and your table.

Adding a touch of yellow into your life will bring you happiness and joy.

white porcelain dinnerware


elegant white dinnerware set


handmade ceramic white dinnerware set


DishesOnly photo by Carolina Fanni. In order of appearance:

Uovo  hand made limoges white dinner set;

Liberty  ceramic and pewter dinner set;

Foglia  hand made porcelain white dinner set.


Credits: photos via Pinterest

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