Mini Casserole Dishes: the New Worldwide Trend

The new trend among food-enthusiasts and design-lovers is “cook & serve”. Many top restaurants worldwide cook & serve their specialties using mini casserole dishes.
Mini casserole dishes allow chefs to serve their delicacies in a practical yet classy way.
Whatever the material (usually enamel porcelain, ceramic and cast iron) mini casserole dishes will allow you to amaze your guests by serving them straight out of the kitchen.

This is the cook-and-serve philosophy! We at DishesOnly have compiled a list of the trendiest restaurants that appreciate the cook & serve trend. Give a look at their table setting ideas!

Cocotte in New York

Cocotte, one of the most famous restaurants in Manhattan, proposes a cuisine inspired by the gastronomy of South-West France. Its chef is renowned worldwide for his original and refined style of cooking of French and Basque specialties. Its cozy and romantic atmosphere makes Cocotte the perfect place for a dinner for two. The name of this trendy restaurant, cocotte, is the French word for casserole; it is no surprise that many of their delicacies are served in fancy mini casserole dishes!

cocotte casserole dishes

Grand Hyatt in Tokio

In the center of the ultra-modern Rappongi, a district known for its business, culture and leisure lures, Grand Hyatt offers a luxurious food experience. Choose among French cuisine, dishes of the Italian tradition or Oriental cookery, both Japanese and Chinese. Each cuisine has its own furnished & decorated theme room. Their selection of delicacies served in mini casseroles combine innovative cooking techniques with refined tastes from the tradition, such as truffles and prime quality meats.

grand hyatt casserole dishes

Le Procope in Paris

Le Procope was founded in 1686 and is therefore one of the oldest restaurants in Paris. For more than two centuries it has been a literary cafè popular among famous artists and philosophers such as the writer Victor Hugo, the poet Verlaine and the philosopher Voltaire. Today Le Procope is a charming restaurant furnished in a sumptuous style. Perfect if you enjoy the traditional French cuisine, sea food dishes and oysters.

procope casserole dishes

Bouche B in Paris

Just a few steps from the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Bouche B is a small restaurant with a cozy and vintage atmosphere. The menu, based on French classics, is enriched with daily suggestions and chef’s bites (mise en bouche). Sitting at a retro table and under the charming light of crystal chandeliers, you will enjoy delicious dishes of the traditional French cuisine such as ratatouille and gratin dauphinois.


1 Lombard Street in London

In the heart of the City, 1 Lombard Street is a brasserie and fine restaurant housed in a listed building.  The elegant restaurant, frequented by many Londoners, is placed in a eighteenth-century room and combines tradition and minimalism. The menu offers Europe & Orient inspired dishes and a rich choice of desserts. 1 Lombard Street is the right place also for a fancy cocktail with colleagues and friends.

lombard-street-mini-casserole-dishes (1)

Vineria Litro in Rome

Litro is a winery in the Monteverde neighborhood, dedicated to the best of natural and biodynamic Italian wines, open all day from early breakfast to after dinner. Litro is also a café and a small bistrot. With about twenty seats inside and forty in the yard, Litro is proposed as a new heaven for food and wine lovers, in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Litro is also the perfect place for vermouths and mezcal lovers.

cosimo de medici casserole

Our Offer of Trendy Mini Casseroles Dishes

We at DishesOnly are enthusiast of the new “cook & serve” trend, so we have selected the most exclusive mini casserole dishes from designers worldwide. Our mini casseroles come in different materials (ranging from enamel porcelain & ceramics to enamel cast iron), colors and styles. They are perfect both for your own delicacies and for a fancy present! Choose your favourite!

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