2017 Style Trends for your Zodiac Sign

We have been studying reports and reports for several weeks about 2017 style trends in fashion, home decor, colors and materials. After careful analysis we’ve came up with four major trends, around which every trendsetter, designer and influencer seems to agree:

1. Greenery – Pantone ® color of 2017.

Greenery is refreshing and revitalizing; it symbolizes the need to reconnect with nature and to each other.

Style trends greenery

2. Blue for the home.

From wall painting, to furniture, to accessories, navy blue and in general all the shades of blue are back.

Style trends Blue

3. Black Steel.

Black steel gives a beautiful, modern and sophisticated touch in any space: a coffee shop, a urban loft, a wedding party or a table setting.

Style trends steel

4. Terracotta.

Terracotta is warm, is rustic-chic, it recalls that “brick and mortar” need to disconnect from the digital world and get together.


Your “Style Horoscope” for 2017

What do stars recommend to each Zodiac Sign? Which are the style trends to follow for a glam and stylish 2017?

If you are an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), stick to Greenery this year! This color is perfect for lively, sociable, easygoing personality like yours. Buy a rug, a sofa for your living room, or just create your secret house garden where to rest and enjoy some times for yourself.




For Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) the stars suggest to add some Blue to your interiors. Blue is the color of the sky, of the sea and it is emblematic of the desire to escape and unwind.  Blue speaks to your dreams in 2017! What about planning a trip to an exotic destination?




Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) in 2017 will deal with change: re-organize your space, remodel a room, renovate a house or a shop. Earth signs are practical, they are builders; thus Terracotta is the right material and color palette for restyling.



Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) express power and energy. Black Steel and rough metals are perfect for your minimalist style and appreciation of clean lines. But, since you are also pioneering and love to explore the world, add a touch of ethnic and tribal style to your house.



For those of you who are skeptical about astrology, we suggest to mix and match these four style trends. They create harmony and beauty together, as well as separated. You can create a modern and contemporary space, a vintage and rustic one, or a boho chic home style.

Greenery, black steel, blue and terracotta are a sublime palette for 2017.

Style trends 2017


DishesOnly products in the blog:
Greenery: Toscana mini casserole, Arcobaleno side plate
Blue: Graal cake stand, Sud dinner set
Steel: Cocina casserole
Terracotta: Rossa slate, Graffiti breakfast set

Photo credits: Pantone, Society Limonta, Rideauxnapoli, Dinnerswithfriends, Pinterest

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