3 Lifestyle Bloggers We Love

Here we are back again with our second post about the best bloggers that we love. Having presented our top food bloggers, this time we will talk about our preferred lifestyle bloggers, which we urge you to follow: Valdirose, Renée Kemps and The Jungalow.

Although they apparently have three completely different styles, they share the same philosophy and passion for beauty in the simplest things, nature and handmade. In their blogs and social profiles they talk about life, food, travel, interior design. You will be inspired by their creativity, attention to details and perfection in each shot.

Let’s get a closer look at Valdirose, Renée Kemps and The Jungalow  glam styles.

Valdirose: Country Chic lifestyle

Irene is the queen of hosting. If you want to learn how to through a party, host a candlelit dinner, or set up a charming B&B, you should attend her workshops in Tuscany and definitely follow her Instagram profile and her blog. There is no need to know or learn Italian!! Her pictures tell a story and stories are universal.





Lifestyle blog


Renée Kemps: Modern lifestyle

From Italy to Europe. Renée lives and works between Amsterdam and London. She is drawn to minimalist. “Light “ and “white” are two fundamental elements of her beautiful pictures. Although she loves streamlined clean design, her style is absolutely not cold and impersonal yet it inspires warmth, comfort and elegance.

Lifestyle Renée Kemps



lifestyle bloggers Renee Kemps



The Jungalow: New Boho lifestyle

Turn the page and turn up the volume! Justina is… bold colors, rich textiles, fun, joy and freedom. What we love about her is the vitality and the passion for plants and clashing patterns in decorating any space. Her motto is: decorate wild!


Justina Lifestyle bloggers



Lifestyle The Jungalow


So, we hope that you have enjoyed our selection and that you have found some inspirations for your own style. In our last post of this series we will talk about our faves Wedding Bloggers. Follow us!

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