5 essentials for a glam BBQ dinner 🔥

A BBQ dinner is one of the reasons to love summer and to be hygge even in the heat.

The Oxford Dictionary defines this trendy Danish lifestyle as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing.”

You can be hygge any time as long as you set a cozy and relaxing mood and you enjoy the simple and good things in life. In Italy we adopted a slow-living approach, borrowing from the Slow Food movement  😉

So, hosting a BBQ dinner in your backyard, or on a terrace, or on a beach, and gathering your dearest friends, could be very “hoo-ga” (this is the correct pronunciation of hygge). Just follow these 5 simple rules.

BBQ Dinner essentials

1. Light is the key

Light is the most important factor to define an atmosphere and the character of a space, indoor as well as outdoor. Use string lights, candles, lanterns or tea lights. You can DIY hurricane candles holders or tea light centerpiece.

2. Fabrics matter

To add charm and warmth to your space through around some pillows and throws (if it turns cold late at night) and use linen napkins on the table. Let them hang over from the place setting and choose a rustic pattern: best could be to use tea towels

3. Mise en place

Choose your style, whether it is more rustic-chic (Materia or Latte dinner set) or rustic-classic  (Quadrati or Mondrian dinner set). Pair the dinner set with wooden knifes and forks or with black metal cutlery – paying attention to a sharp knife if is a meat BBQ – . We suggest thick colored glasses of different shapes to mix and match.



BBQ dinner set

Materia dinner set @DishesOnly

Latte BBQ dinner set

Latte dinner set @DishesOnly

Quadrati and Mondrian dinner set @DishesOnly

4. “Socialware”

Serving dishes and cheese boards are a must in a BBQ dinner. Remember that the aim of a summer BBQ dinner is to gather friends and spend a great time together. Thus, contributing to the menu and sharing food requires proper and stylish serveware. Follow your style even for serving platters and bowls: rustic-chic or rustic- classic (links to the products at the end of the post).


Rustic-Classic serveware @DishesOnly

Rustic-chic serveware @DishesOnly

5. Natural scent

Fragrance plays a critical role in setting the right mood. Moreover, we surely don’t want to ruin our party with harassing bugs and mosquitoes. There are plenty of natural ways to keep away mosquitoes: citronella, lavender, rosemary, basil, peppermint, lemon. A magical remedy for bites is the lavender essential oil. Try it and you will be surprised!



Now that you have set the stage, you need to decide the menu and cook. But this is another story for a new blog post 😉

Rustic-classic serveware:Campagna basket; Borgia cake stand; Olive platter
Rustic-chic serveware: Acquario wooden board; Cocina enamel mini-pot; 
Rossa red slate; Lunare resin serving tray

Credits: Images via Pinterest (except dishes by DishesOnly)






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