5 Millennial Pink trending Home Styles we love 💕

Pink is a lifestyle. Pink icons have always populated our lives in fashion, design, style and even in drinks.

Pink icons


Millennial pink is the latest trend. It is everywhere and, this graceful hue, is all about femininity and charme.

It is the color of the moment in fashion and design. Just take a look at the last issue of Vogue living and Elle Decor. Shades of peony, blush, baby and rose quartz pink are all trending interior design features.

It is very easy to incorporate one or more pink objects into your home, because pink matches any home styles and any room, both indoor and outdoor.

Luxury home style

High ceilings, velvet sofa, stunning entrance, convey an elegant and high-end style to your home. Pink adds warmth and glam to this dreamy atmosphere.


Pink luxury style

Acquarello hand made porcelain dinner set

Country chic home style

Pastel pink and wood give a shabby chic touch to your space. Inside the kitchen you can paint a wall with a soft pink hue. For an al fresco dinner party, mix wooden chairs with a pompadour canapé and add rose carnations and buttercups.


pink country chic

Ricamo dinner set

Vintage home style

Pink leather couch, a cozy chic tray for an aperitivo by the pool, and black and white pictures on the wall. Complete this classy look with an adorable white poodle 😉


pink modern vintage

Twins hand made tray

Eclectic home style

Follow your desires and your personal style. Give an exotic bohemian touch to your home. Add colors to your patio with printed Moroccan-style throw pillows. Indoor, flamingo are replacing the unicorn as interior trends. Use modern materials as resin for your bowls and trays, with clean lines and organic shapes.


pink boho

Jelli Belli resin set


pink flamingo

Petalo hand made resin bowls

Tribal home style

This decor is becoming more in vogue because is about reconnecting with nature. Combine natural styling, neutral color scheme, raw materials like wood and stone, and artisanal hand made elements. Everything in this setting gives a comfort, peaceful and relaxing feeling.

pink wabi sabi

Tribù one-of-a-kind bowls

More pink tableware here: happink!


Photo credits: entrance hall by Thevintagetraderuk via Instagram 
Other photos via Pinterest

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