5 Wedding Gifts Every Couple Wants

The wedding season is definitely here and original wedding gift ideas are always hard to find.

When you are invited to a wedding, the first thought is: “What shall I wear? I can’t wear white, I can’t be hotter than the bride, I can’t be taller than my partner, so no high heels…” 😉

When you’re done figuring out your wardrobe, the second thought is: “What gift shall I get for the newlyweds?”  Many couples nowadays ask guests to contribute to the cost of their honeymoon trip, but we at DishesOnly still believe that an object will last forever in their memories. Sure, it’s more complicated than clicking ‘Send’ on Paypal. And if your friends already live together they probably have everything they need. But oftentimes, newlyweds move into a new house, and this makes things easier, gift-wise. In either case, have a look at our guide to choosing the perfect wedding gifts that every couple wants, for every lifestyle and decorating style.

Be original, be unique and be memorable!

Breakfast Lovers

For many people breakfast is the best time of the day. Make it unique by serving breakfast on a Legno larch board paired with our exclusive set of Buongiorno cups and plates, available in light blue and brown. All handmade in Italy, each with different decorations.


Stylish Hosts

For the refined couple with classic taste, we suggest the elegant Regina dessert set, which includes a large cake stand in three trendy colors (dusty blue, teal green and ivory) and side plates to mix and match in ivory, dusty blue and pumice grey. A touch of shabby chic style, handcrafted in Tuscany.


Trendy Cocktail Mavens

Are your friends a glamorous young who like the industrial-rustic style and care about details? The aperitif set will make your gift stand out from all the others! The set features an artistic wooden cheese board, Acquario, designed by Stefano Pilato, complete with the Trame line of handmade textured porcelain plates and Cocina, an enameled mini-casserole. All are the perfect size for serving finger food and appetizers.


Easygoing Aesthetes

The Spaghetatta set makes entertainment fun and easy. The newlyweds can set a casual yet eclectic dinner table with the Cofana vintage gold serving bowl, combined with Graffiti, the artistic ceramic soup & pasta bowls, handmade by Hans Fischer. A fast response kit for any last-minute get-together: just throw some pasta in hot water, add sauce, and Spaghettata is ready!


Party Animals

For those who love urban, contemporary design and jump at any occasion to celebrate with a bottle of champagne, our aperitif set is the perfect gift: the Ghaccio resin ice bucket and Lunare resin serving tray. Guaranteed fun and ultimate style.

For other wedding gift proposals, gift ideas for bridesmaids and groomsmen, or for on-line wedding lists, visit our dedicated section at DishesOnly.com or contact us at info@dishesonly.com .

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