6 Steps for a unique Handmade Gift

Handmade gifts are unique and they are really made with love.

We all remember when we were kids and used to close the door of our bedroom and started drawing, cutting, gluing and coloring cards and very creative objects (!) for our parents and for all the family members.

So, let’s bring up the same spirit and create our special DIY gift for her, him, the kids and even your pet!!

Follow these 6 easy steps and make a present that fill the hearts…. and the stomachs 😉

0. Choose your favorite handmade plate


1. Choose your favorite cookie (and place it on your favorite plate!)


2. Fold the plate and the cookies with a transparent paper


3. Wrap the package with a gift paper, or a piece of fabric, or with rice paper, of the color that you like the most


4. Pick up a ribbon, string or twine to close your package


5. Tie well and add a decoration of your choice


6. And now… your handmade gift is ready!



In this example we have used a limited edition handmade porcelain plate of our collection Pensieri filled with Baci di dama cookies by Vaniglia Cooking.

For our vegan friends we recommend Valentina, Hortus Cuisine, vegan spiced cookies (along with a Christmas menu suggestion) and our romantic Tè Rosa plate.



Tè Rosa Handmade Porcelain Plate


You can find many more plates on DishesOnly . Choose your favorite one and customize it with homemade cookies, savory crackers, marshmallows, pies and a pretty packaging, for an unforgettable one-of-a-kind edible handmade gift!



photo credits Rossella Venezia

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