An year in pictures: best photos of 2017 📷✨

December is a time of assessment. We all think about what we have achieved and what we could have done better. We go through the ups and downs of the past year. There were times when we wanted to close the Company because of poor sales, and times when we received an appreciation from a customer and we thought that we should have gone on.

This short post is meant to thank all our customers and followers who have supported us during 2017. A big thanks to our blogger partners and friends, in particular to: Alice, Saghar, Giulia, Cristina, Alessandro. A special mention to Barbara and Rossella. We decided to use some images, which are more powerful then words, to remember this year and to express our gratitude.

We have selected some of the pictures that you have most liked on our Instagram and Facebook profile. Twelve photos, one for each month, to celebrate the “best of 2017” collection. Almost every day, we shared love for handmade products and beauty through our social media post and blogs. We tried to make you feel happy and relaxed, surrounded by dreamy table settings and cozy atmospheres.

We believe that one could understand what beauty really is only when elegance is added to it. This is what we look and work for. This is our aim for the year 2018.

photos of the year

Wishing you and your Family a fun and colorful 2018, full of beauty and love.

Follow your dream and follow DishesOnly 😉  !!

Featured Image by FancyFactory

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