Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas is one of those holidays we cherish in our hearts and wait all year long for. The are infinity reasons for it, yet the most important one is to be with our family and friends, and gift them unique Christmas presents that would make them happy. 

Finding perfect presents for the close ones could be a long process, although it’s worth it. Don’t you love the moment when the person you got a present for excitingly opens it? And then both of you feel so happy about it! So to make this process even more exciting, Dishes Only will propose you Christmas Gift Ideas for your family and friends. 

During these festive time of the year you can find infinite gift ideas in boutiques and online; although all of us try our best to pick something unique and special! Something you are giving from the bottom of your heart. Something one-of-a- kind that could be kept over a time and always remind of you. Something that will match the personality and style of the person you are choosing a gift for. Something that he or she will truly admire.

DishesOnly has designed multiple Christmas Gift Ideas in order for you to choose a special and memorable present.

Our handmade dinnerware could be a great choice for your unique gift! You can pick a collection that truly matches the person you are choosing it for. And we will make sure to decorate it in a festive Christmas style. You can find variety of dinnerware styles available online at; and we will help you to pick the best match. The styles vary from glamorous and elegant to modern and innovative. Just take a look at these gorgeous dinnerware!


Chick-luxury Oro Dinner Set is perfect for the elegant table settings. It is high quality handmade dinner set that could add a spark to any house decor and be a unique present.  It could be a great gift for someone who likes to organise fancy dinners and decorate the house in a luxury, yet simple style.

Saltapasta is a cooking Non Stick Pan designed by famous italian industrial and interior designer Rodolfo Dordoni. Modern and functional, Saltapasta could be used as pan, salad bowl and serving dish. It would be a great present for someone who has a passion for cooking and design innovations. And for “Truly Italian Gift” we recommend you Saltapasta Kit that consists of  2 red Osteria soup and pasta bowls, a wooden scoop and a package of Italian Pasta! 

Domenica Porcelain Cups and Plates have one-of-a-kind textured design handmade in Italy. Imagine waking up in the morning and drinking hot tea or coffee from these cups? Isn’t it exciting? And if you get Domenica Cups for you family member or friend for Christmas, it would always remind them of you while making breakfast in the morning.

Alice is a truly fabulous and extravagant Porcelain Serving Set. It could be used for variety occasions as a tea party, brunch and food tasting. If the person you are choosing a gift for, is a lover of the extraordinary things, Alice could be a great Christmas Gccift idea for you.

 Ricamo is an elegant ceramic cake stand designed by world-known Virginia Casa. It could add a  charming motif to the house decor and be a great gift for someone who loves to cook tasty desserts and appetizers.

Gifts like this are not only unique and beautiful, but also memorable. Dishes Only has prepared a wide variety of unique presents for you to choose from. Find out more about Christmas  Gift Ideas for your family and friends here. You will absolutely love them!

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