3 Inspiring Food Bloggers to Follow

It is always very hard to make a list of favorite things. It is harder when you have to choose among outstanding food bloggers that have spectacular photos, great content and fabulous styles. But, since many of our fans and followers have asked us to guide them in the “jungle” of bloggers, we have decided to share some of our faves in three areas: food, style and wedding planning.

Let’s start with the food bloggers.

A truly Tuscan Woman: Juls’ Kitchen


Why do we like her?

Giulia is the quintessence of Tuscany.  If you love Tuscany and if you want to deeply learn about this region and “breathe” the Tuscan lifestyle you should read her blog.

She proposes traditional recipes. She doesn’t go for “new age”, unknown ingredients but she engages readers on how to cook the real Tuscan recipes, the Tuscan way.  An example? The Tuscan Panzanella



She is authentic: if you are planning to visit Tuscany you must read Juls’ “Discover Tuscany” section on her web site. It is an extraordinary guide to authentic places and restaurants in Tuscany that only locals know. Plan also a Tuscan cooking class with Giulia. You will never forget it!


An Australian hero in Rome: Alice Kiandra Adams


Why do we like her?

Alice is a fantastic storyteller: she conveys to an international audience the “romanity” and the true spirit of what it means to live in Rome. She writes in English with a mix of roman idioms (fun to read for Italians!) and she really gets to the heart of Roman culture. It is very interesting to read her blog about Italy and Rome as seen through the eyes of an Australian writer.

She came to Rome in 2005 from Australia. She left magnificent mountains, open spaces, and beautiful natural landscapes to arrive in Trastevere, a busy neighborhood, where people shout from their street market stall to attract customers, and where driving is crazy on the little narrow streets, even for the locals!! She opened up her beautiful Latteria studio (photo credits: Marie Sjoberg) where she gives cooking lessons and hosts photo shooting and amazing culinary events. Alice is a hero ☺



Her descriptions of recipes and places are a tribute to accuracy and a great attention to details. This is one of our favorite classic roman recipes from her blog Rustica Retro: Carbonara (photo credits: Giorgia Nofrini)


Naturally Ella: a surprise


Why do we like her?

Erin has developed a really original web site, organizing content in a different and engaging way. She talks of course about recipes, but her starting point and focus is on ingredients, fruits and veggies, about which you can really learn a lot. Each ingredient, alphabetically ordered, is brilliantly described and there are lots of delicious recipes to make with it!




She advises on how to stock a pantry, which we found very clever and unique, so that you have always the basic ingredients at hand.




She has a practical approach to preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner based on what you have at home and the time you need to prepare food. We love the clarity and easiness to find content and the usefulness of the  “plan your meals” section.


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