Getting married in Italy? Our 3 top Wedding Planners.

Dulcis in fundo our favorites wedding planners. This time we have chosen to remain in our country, Italy, since it is one of the top destination in the world for an unforgettable wedding. Although Italy is full of marvelous places, our three friends have the power to make any location magical.  With their different personalities and styles, they will meet all your needs and wishes. Here they are!

Exclusive Italy Weddings, founded by Laura Frappa.

wedding planners


Le Jour du Oui, founded by Cristina Di Giovanna.

wedding planners


Honey and Cinnamon, founded by Federica Beni.

wedding planners

When looking at their web sites and social profiles their overarching style stems out very clearly, so that you can decide if it is one you like. Are you looking for an over-the-top and glamorous wedding? Are you looking for a small, intimate gathering?

No matter which style you choose, Laura, Cristina and Federica are credible, prepared, full of relationships and, most of all, they exactly know how to put together every detail of a wedding, from the invitations, to the paperwork and legal practices required.


Exclusive Italy Weddings

If you are lost, or in a panic, Exclusive Italy Weddings will embrace your vision and style and orchestrate your luxury wedding from start to finish. Laura’s Team is a solid task force, with strong planning and execution skills and an international work approach. Exclusive Italy Weddings has a long record of VIP and celebrities clients.


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Le Jour du Oui

If your dream is to create something spectacular, more than you could ever envision, then, Le Jour du Oui is the right choice. Cristina and her staff are very creative and unconventional in managing all details of the entire wedding. They operate in Italy with a team of selected vendors and locations that share the same love for breaking the rules and amaze couples and guests.


wedding planners


Honey and Cinnamon

Do you believe in fairytales? Federica will make your wedding something truly unique and memorable. Honey and Cinnamon is a stylish boutique obsessed with details. Federica is a truly Wedding Designer and Stylist, elegant and refined. She will customize your event as a precious, romantic haute couture dress.


italian wedding planners


We are very proud to share the love for beauty and attention to details with our three favorites wedding planners. For a unique, curated and Made in Italy exclusive wedding list and gift ideas, check our  wedding list collections .

Featured pictures: Ricamo rosa dinner set. Photo Honey and Cinnamon
Thank you to Cristina Firotto for having introduced to us the three ladies.

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