Handmade in Tuscany: a day among the ceramics of Virginia Casa

Today we’re going to tell you about our recent visit to the Virginia Casa production facility in Tuscany, where we went to select the next collections to offer you.

As always, we are greeted by Gabriele, one of the founding partners of the company. He tells us that Virginia Casa, regrettably, is one of the few firms to survive the invasion of industrial mass production. In this region, once rich with artisanal businesses, Virginia Casa is the only one that still makes handcrafted tableware, and much more.

Entering the factory, we’re immediately struck by the orderliness of the stacks of plates and saucers that await their turn to be hand-decorated and fired. But what is even more striking is the familial atmosphere created by all the artisans working there.



Right away we notice the Pesce and Regina collections so dear to us – and to you, too, we hope! – and ask for details on their manufacture.

Pesce e Regina


We start with the molds and the stamps that shape the many different objects.

Mold and Stamps


We pass through the kiln area, and what a kiln! It’s enormous and operates at extremely high temperatures of up to 1000°.




Here is the sprayer, which serves to correct eventual imperfections after the objects come out of the kiln”.



This is the area of glaze application and quality control.



We can’t contain our curiosity and ask how they get the vintage ‘antiqued’ effect that distinguishes many of the Virginia Casa collections, like Pietra . Gabriele takes us to another area. Here, using a special brush, artisans masterfully apply that unique, ‘shabby chic’ touch to plates, bowls and trays.

Shabby Chic Effect

Time is getting tight and we still need to select the new collections for Christmas. For now, we leave you with a little preview. You’ll see the rest soon at www.dishesonly.com .


Christmas Mug

Arrivederci Toscana!

Tuscany Landscape

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