Leafs are turning gold, the weather is getting windy, and we finally get to wear our favorite scarfs and cozy sweaters. And that is the time we all know the fall season is HERE. We have waited for it for so long and these are the 4 REASONS to FALL IN LOVE with this beautiful time of the year even more:


All of us have special seasonal traditions that we carry in our hearts and one of mine is – Going Out to Brunches during the Fall. I cannot wait for this every year and it is definitely one of my favorite routines. First of all, the weather is perfect for it. It is neither hot or cold, it is just simply what we need. Second of all, is it so beautiful outside.  Autumn brings these inspiring colors that make us feel so happy once we are walking along the streets. Leaves are turning gold, red and brown; sun is shinning in a special way and the nature is just so gorgeous that you suddenly feel so relaxed. And last but not least, the are so many AMAZING PLACES in Rome to visit for brunches. Here is a list of my favorites:


Via di Monte Giordano, 60

Sat-Sun, 11am-3pm

If you are lover of the eggs Benedict, pancakes, bagels, and croque madame – Coromandel is a right place for you. Moreover, the design and service offered by the restaurant are excellent.



Grand Hotel de la Minerve

Piazza della Minerva, 69

Sun, 12am-3pm

One of the Best Roof Top places to visit in Rome. The view is breathtaking, and the amount and variety of food for brunch is unbelievable. Make sure to leave some place for the desserts – they are so delicious!


Bakery House

Corso Trieste 157

Sat-Sun, 10:30am-4pm

Traditional US – style brunch spot. You can order from a menu anything American you can only think off, which of course will be accompanied by the orange juice and Americano. And their yummy muffins! You have to try them!



YOU should go for sure and try these places next Sundays. We promise – you will adore them and maybe it will also become one of your fall routine’s 🙂



Isn’t it amazing to start decorating your house with magical fall spirit? We can take out our warm blankets, light some candles, and make the atmosphere at home so cozy. I always put around the house pumpkin spice and cinnamon candles, which smell so yummy. You can also lay a favorite tablecloth in the kitchen and decorate it in a special fall look. Here are some examples that dishesonly designed for you:

Acquarello Set – Pink



Once the fall came – it is a right time to rearrange a wardrobe, and pull out comfy warm clothes that WE LOVE so much. We can wear new dark colors that we definitely missed during the summer. According to PANTONE the most fashionable colors of Fall 2015 are natural earth tones and groovy garden shades, which you can see below. And of course a windy weather is a Perfect Reason to go shopping for new fall apparel to be trendy. And we don’t even need an excuse for this time:)

The top three PANTONE colors for Fall 2015 are:

•   Stormy Weather

•   Oak Buff

•   Cashmere Rose



And of course the best part of the fall season is DELICIOUS HOMEMADE FOOD. What can be better than a warm chicken noodle soup, minestrone or an italian pasta during this time of the year? I just love to cook traditional Ukrainian soups like Borsh, which warms you up during the cold weather.

During the morning I can’t wait to drink a cup of the warm cinnamon latte or Yogi Tea. Yogi Tea has a very rich flavor that is very healthy for you and 100% natural. It has a huge variety of flavors and you can buy in the any BIO Shop. And the best part of it – every tea bag has a cute wish on the wrapping 🙂 Especially if you do this with handmade dinnerware as Dishes Only which you can order online, you will defiantly FALL IN LOVE with autumn again and again.

Osteria Collection


Anemone Collection

Buongiorno cups


So if you want to enjoy the Fall for 100% – you should see our products, which will make your homemade food and drinks so tasty. We have already designed for YOU a fall style exclusive Autumn home decor ideas at our page Autumn Gatering. Don’t forget to check it out after reading this post! And if you need a little help making a purchasing decision, please feel free to contact us.

– We will be happy to send you additional information and product photos.

– We can provide you with style advice and table setting ideas when planning a special occasion, or looking to create the perfect dining experience.

– We can create your own customized collection, collaborating with the best Italian artisans.

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