Millennials Lifestyle and Design Trends: 📱& 🌱

Last week I hosted for dinner my niece and a couple of her friends. They are all in their twenties, the so called Millennials or Gen Y. We started talking about their lifestyle: what do they like, their favorites TV programs, the best singers, their hobbies. Apparently the three girls had contrasting preferences. They love science fiction and fantasy drama series such as Stranger Things, Sense8 or Games of Thrones .

They are fans of Rihanna but also of a songwriter as Ed Sheeran  (which, by the way, I like too). They cannot stay away from their smart phones and social networks, but they prefer to travel with their friends around the world. A must in their bedroom is a PC but, guess what, it could not be missing a picture board with printed photos… the old way… .

Even fashion style is an oxymoron: shorts and sneakers with long shirts on top as in the 70’s, as well as jeggings (a mix of leggings and skinny jeans), better if ripped 😉 .

Millennials design trends


The interesting thing for me is that these girls are able to manage direct opposites; they create harmony between old and new, combining together a sort of vintage charm and crazy patterns from the past, with simplicity and modern lines. They love nature, calmness and they pay attention to live the present and taking time to appreciate the moment.

Design trends

I was curious to ask them which were the DishesOnly collections they liked the most. The answer was coherent with the latest design trends: they adore the messy beauty of natural and organic shapes, as well as the precision of modern technology techniques and minimalist forms. Perfect and imperfect at the same time, rough and smooth. This is the world trend in interior design! Just think of the 3-D printed clay pottery and ceramics. The idea behind the emerging product designers is to celebrate traditions, nature and artisanship in a contemporary direction, using on the edge technology and more sustainable approaches.

This is the final DishesOnly products ranking. Starting from the Top left side:

design trends


Credits: Room and Fashion Images via Pinterest

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