Set the right scene for Your New Year’s Eve Toast

Getting ready for New Year’s Eve? This is our “countdown” guide to set the perfect scene for a thrilling Italian toast with your friends and family.

Dress code: Black & Gold.

Style: 100% Italian natural lifestyle.

– 3  Parmigiano cubes (not parmesan!)

Fill up Sfizio golden bowl with Parmigiano-Reggiano cubes.  A glam snack that will make you stand out from common appetizers. Pair it with sparkling wine for a superb taste.

Discover more about the original Parmigiano-Reggiano and its health benefits. If you taste Parmigiano, you will never buy parmesan again!

nero oro

– 2  Pandoro and Panettone

Cut some slices of Pandoro and Panettone and place them in Sacchino, a stylish paper basket that you can use for food, gifts, plants, candles and whatever ideas you come up with. Pandoro and Panettone are the traditional Italian sweet breads to celebrate Christmas and New Year.


nero oro

– 1  Franciacorta Bubbly


Uncork a chilly Barone Pizzini sparkling wine, an award winning organic champenoise produced in Franciacorta, in the north of Italy. Franciacorta is the latest drinking fashion in Italy, and it is getting very popular all over the world.

00:00 Cheers and Buon 2017 a Tutti!

nero e oro


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