How to restyle your tableware at no cost for the upcoming season

When entering in a new season, we all wish to renew our tableware. We look at our old dishes and glasses and we compare them with those glam table settings pictures seen on décor magazines, or on Instagram and Pinterest. Looking more carefully, you may not need a big budget to restyle your tableware.  Why? Have you ever tried to combine different styles and materials together?

We have assembled for you, possible combinations to inspire your table décor. Some ideas came directly from our customers. We have also selected three “Jolly” items that will work out your dinner table in any season. Consider them as the Little Black Dress in your closet that fits for every occasion.

Discover the potential of your tableware

You probably have many different types of tableware: porcelain, glass, ceramic, wood. Each set is different, but it might work so perfectly together if you just break the “matching rule” that is in your mind. Try to create a less ordinary place setting for your next gathering, mixing together old style and modern style dishes, wood and porcelain, glasses of assorted colors and sizes. Even textile, tablecloth and napkins, can have different patterns and colors, as long as they are made of the same fabric (i.e. linen, cotton, …).  Kitchen towels are on trend now: use them as placemats for a casual twist.


breakfast tableware


Some tricks to restyle your tableware for a Fall/Winter look.

These pieces of tableware can be considered as “Jolly items” for every season and occasion:

  • Slates (rectangular or oval; black or red);
  • Wood dinner plates;
  • Tin chargers or tray.

charger tableware


For a warm autumn mood, match wood with honey colors and black slate.

Fall tableware

Bamboo side bowl and black slate

For a minimalist mood, “cold” elements such as glass, tin and grey colors, will cozy up your dinner table.

Minimalist tableawre

Cemento handmade bowl

And here are some styling ideas directly from our Customers.

Peri from Istanbul, combined Sottopiatto with CipCip handmade porcelain cups.

handmade tableware

Tiziana and Mario from Rome, matched Ardesia black slate with gres Vecchi Pizzi  and Trame. Rossa red slate and Tè Rosa – porcelain side dish-  is another option.

porcelain tableaware

Helen from UK created a set with 100% Bio dinner plate and Arcobaleno side dishes

ceramic tableware

Roxanne, from New York, arranged a roof party mixing together Jelli Belli resin bowls, with 100% Bio bowls and Octo ceramic bowls.

dinner party tableware


Other ideas for an easy and beautiful table setting? Match paper dishes with bamboo hexagonal Eco plates. Glass plates, both colored or transparent, can go on top of almost any type of tableware.

on trend tableaware

If you are confident enough 😜,  you can also try a somersault, combining together resin, ceramic and glass as Rossella (vanigliacooking blog) did in this beautiful style and shot.

mix and match tableware

Graffiti – Hans Fischer ceramic dinner plate + Vetro glass soup and pasta bowl + Resina cup @dishesonly

Photo credits:
Pinterest; Society Limonta; Harlowandgrey; The perfect table

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