What’s in-season in September: fruits and tablescapes 🍇

September brings a major season change. Fall harvest begins, and it looks like nature knows that we need nutrients to go back to work, or to school, after the summer vacations. In September we find a whole range of anti-stress and reinvigorating fruits and vegetables, full of vitamins and antioxidants.


September fruits and vegetables

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Cabbage, snap beans, shelling beans, carrots are some of the in-season vegetables.

September beans

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Although mass distribution and globalization have mixed things up, we still find seasonal produce in our local farmers’ markets. We love to pick fresh fruits and veggies to make our seasonal recipes. Find out which is our shopping list of the best fruit produce available in September. Naturally, produce peaks at different times in different areas, but you’ll likely find these fruits around this time of year.

September fruits

Blueberries have amazing health-supportive properties of our body systems. They have cardiovascular and cognitive benefits, as well as anti-cancer and eye health benefits.


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Pomegranate is excellent for skin and hair health. It also strengthens our heart health, by keeping the arteries flexible and decreasing the inflammation in the blood vessels.

September pomegranate

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Pears are perfect for a snack. One medium-size pear has about 100 calories. Plus, they are full of fiber and packed with nutrients, such as vitamin C, potassium and folacin (a B-vitamin).

September pear

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According to us, the queen of September fruits is grape. It has different varieties and colors: purple, red, green, blue, black. Besides other benefits, grapes are a powerhouse of antioxidants; they are a source of potassium, good for the eyes and for osteoarthritis.


September grapes

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As Italians we could not miss to mention wine and the wine therapy!

September is a beautiful month to visit Tuscany, the land of wine. We would like to suggest you a couple of unforgettable places for a beauty treatment based on grapes.

The first one is Borgo Scopeto Relais , near Siena, which offers a gentle scrub treatment, mask and massage, all based on selected wines.

In the Chianti area, stop at Castellare de’ Noveschi and try the “Bacchus Bath for two”. You can bath in a romantic whirlpool tub filled with the “nectar of the Gods”, or let yourself be massaged with the grape to eliminate toxins and improve circulation.

September is here. Eat seasonal!

Credits: photos of fruits and landscape via Pinterest

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