Tablescape & Flower decor inspo for the Holidays

The holiday season has already started. You’re probably planning several dinner parties and gatherings. You are thinking about how to decorate your home and how to make it beautiful and cozy. Though impressing your guests sometimes can be stressful, we will try to help you in this effort.

Tablescape styling is an art. Therefore we’ve pulled together different styles that you may want to consider when setting an unforgettable holiday party table. In order to give you the best inspiration, we have partnered with a special artist. We are so excited to share this project with Barbara, floral artist and founder of F_L_O_V_V_E_R . Barbara is a Rome-based florist with a background in Art History and a master in contemporary art scene. Besides periodically creating florals for weddings and special events, Barbara holds workshops to explore the art of floral design and to experience floristry for its therapeutic value, so-called “Floral bathing workshop” .

Cotton Flower garland and porcelain dinner set

Now that we’re done with introductions, let’s start with some inspirations to turn your holiday occasions into very special moments.

Create an unconventional contemporary tablescape

Holiday centerpiece and hand made tableware

Red is a traditional holiday color. Some people believe that it is too classic, and some other love it for their holiday table setting. Here we’ve completely challenged the traditional centerpiece design, combining it with a classic ceramic dinner set, Mosaico Rosso, handmade in Apulia by the famous artisan Nicola Fasano. Everything in this composition is unconventional, starting from the absence of the vase, replaced by a metal net where beautiful oak flowers are intertwined, and which recalls a gasholder industrial architecture. The red nuances of the plate and the oak leaves evoke a warm Christmas palette, while the geometric patterns of the mosaic and of the metal nets marry past traditions with modern trends.

Artisanal ceramic dinner set - Made in Italy

Holiday table suggestion: be brave and match classic and contemporary styles.

Create a singular luxury tablescape

Gold dinner set and flower centerpiece

Black, white and gold: elegance, refinement, style. Gold is an opulent contrast to the minimalistic black and white seen in many “industrial” and modern trends. It adds a warm holiday touch to any table settings and home decoration.

Inspired by Ilaria I. Ritmo Urbano dinner set, Barbara has created a wonderful centerpiece with essential lines, in which only one variety of flowers, the white lisianthus, is used for the whole design. The composition is embellished by some unexpected metal gold inserts that radiate from the base of the structure, underlining the sunburst pattern of the flowers. There is an almost invisible golden thread that ties together all the elements of the tablescape: from the hand-painted dishes, to the cutlery, to the irregular beauty of the flower centerpiece.

Gold dinner set contemporary style

Holiday table suggestion: add little gold details to finish your interior look.

Create a natural chic tablescape

cotton flower centerpiece and porcelain dinner set

White is purity, innocence, lightness. Like snowflakes the cotton flowers add a soft and graceful beauty to the tablescape. Hung above as a cloud, cotton stands out as a gorgeous floating floral installation. On the table you can spot other decorative ideas, all made with cotton flowers and natural elements: a garland that can be of different sizes, and a placeholder, which adds a precious yet simple detail to the scene. The organic, roundish shape of the flowers match “imperfectly” with the loveliness of the porcelain Uovo dinner set, handmade by the talented Turkish designer Asli Aydemir.

fine porcelain hand made dinner set

Holiday table suggestion: use cotton flowers for a perfect fluffy and warm holiday vibe.

A special credit and thank to Maurizio Maurizi (on Instagram), our photographer, for his beautiful pictures.

Seek beauty. Get inspired!

If you are based outside Italy and need to send a present, FLOVVER accepts orders for gifts and compositions to deliver anywhere in Italy. Contact also via Instagram Profile.

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