Top 4 interior + fashion trends to put on your FW18 list

We all know about the close relationship interior and fashion have and how they influence each other. So, the inspiration to write this post came by the words used to define the Fall/Winter 2018 trends, most of which are borrowed from the interior design dictionary: blanket, tapestry, patchwork, quilt, neon. Among all the trends, we’ve picked up four that can be matched together for an eclectic “personal style” result.

interior design trends


Leather and black

From jackets to miniskirts, the leather mood recalling Matrix and Cat Woman will be a leitmotif of this Fall Winter. Black is back in interior design as well. Darker hues have been reconsidered for contemporary kitchens. Black furniture, black prints, black walls, finishes, and fixtures are being added here and there to pretty much everywhere in the house.

blach interior style

Shirt and trouser Missoni; Linee Soup&Salad bowl; Loto Side plate

blach interior

Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2018


A tribute to Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary. Plaid, Prince of Wales heritage, tartan and checks, in all their many forms, are key for the season.

We will see a lot of  new Western style boots and throws in fashion, and similarly warm and country chic style in interior design.


interior ralph lauren

Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2018;  Ralph Lauren Home ; Quadrati side plate


Bright color palette, geometric shapes and bold mismatched colors are on stage this fall/winter. Furthermore pop-art patterns and high-tech textile inspire trench and raincoat. These are made of transparent PVC, latex, patent leather with a cool vinyl effect.

Hence, in interior design, bold colors and geometric patterns can be incorporated in the design of your ceilings or floors, adding an eccentric style to your home. Besides statement floors, folk-inspired handcrafted pieces, like tufted rugs and decorative quilts, will be popular in interior for the fall/winter months.


patchwork interior

Dress Dior Fall/Winter 2018; Jacket and skirt Versace Fall/Winter 2018; Arcobaleno dinner plate


At the top of the fashion this year we find floral prints of all sizes, kinds and styles. Fabrics like medieval tapestries weave the plot of the new season wardrobe.

In interior design, oversized florals wallpaper, cushions, sofa and bedding add an aristocratic touch to any room. The return of wallpaper for 2018 features landscape scenery, abstract shapes, and colorful geometric patterns.


tapestry interior

Top and skirt Mary KatrantozouMargherite dinner plate

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