Trends 2018 💜

A new year has just begun and we are already invaded by compelling trends and must haves that will characterized the year 2018, not only in fashion and home décor, but also in food, health, technologies, travel and our daily life.

According to the most reputed media and research institutes, in 2018 women will hold key roles in politics, as well as in businesses. The #metoo revolution will redefine the relationship with males. We will shop from our self-driving cars. Thanks to the progresses of augmented reality (AR), we’ll visualize furniture in our home before buying them. We will plan a trip around the moon with our space travel agent, and, through Blockchain, we will pay with Bitcoins. We will go jogging in the morning and get alerts from our shoes to go and pick up our son at school. This is only one of the IoT  applications. Back at home, we will find all the house cleaned and dinner served by our friendly “Bot”.  He will ask us about our day and chat about the latest news on the paper. Research in the artificial intelligence (AI) field will flourish like never before. Mushrooms and purple sweet potatoes (Ultra Violet!) will be the new trends in food, obviously produced in our neighborhood urban farm, with no OGM.

And what about tableware trends?

The award-winning star of 2018 is Pantone Ultra Violet. It is everywhere. At DishesOnly we could not be unprepared for this latest trend. This is our curated selection of items for a stunning 2018 table setting. Modern or retro? Choose your style!


Trendy in dining:

Zoo platter:  🔝

Acqua glass dinner plate in pastel colors.

Trendy in baking:

 Toscana :  🔝  mini casserole. Cook + serve and eat.

Pirottini: enamel muffin cup cake.

Traditional ceramic handmade dishes:

Arcobaleno: 🔝 mix and match different colors.

Fiore: traditional Apulia’s patterns.

A last note and wish for your 2018:

“Everything you can imagine is real”  (Pablo Picasso)


Featured Image: Claude Monet "Water Lilies" ... anticipating Ultra Violet 😜

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