3 Tips to turn your House into a Luxury Home

Luxury must be comfortable,

otherwise it is not luxury.

Coco Chanel

2019: New Year, new challenges and new good intentions to restyle our house. Your home is your luxury spot, and it is the ultimate place where you (should) feel comfortable. There is no need to escape to exclusive resorts in order to be surrounded by elegance and beauty. Instead, you can turn your house into a luxury home. Just achieve these three affordable resolutions and you will feel pampered throughout 2019.

Make your home organized.

Fill your home with the things that make you happy, and that you love.  I am sure that you have heard about the KonMari method of organizing spaces. The founder of this “new movement” is Marie Kondo and she is changing many lives with her tidying up and organizing show on Netflix. In eight-episodes she teaches how to save space and get rid of the clutter simply by gathering all your belongings category by category. Once you have done that, find the ones that spark joy to you and let the others go. You will be surprised by the power of transforming your apartment into a luxury space of serenity and inspiration.

Take care of you, the things you love and the environment.

The Laundress sells detergent and home cleaning products that are effective, eco-friendly and that have a sophisticated packaging and scents.

Gwen and Lindsey’s little store in Soho (New York) is awesome. The buying experience, both in store and on line, is fabulous. Cleaning the house and doing the washing machine have never been such chic tasks. The Laundress products express caring and elegance even out of a broom! You will feel like a princess when wearing your washed clothes, or when sleeping under soft sheets in your luxury bed.

(Image credit: Custodian)

Make each meal a luxury one.

Luxury lives in the finer details. It could be a linen napkin or a scented candle on the dining table. Usually we use our special dinner set only when we have guests. Why not use it every day and treat yourselves “in” instead of “out” to dinner? It makes a huge difference to eat even a boiled egg, or a salad, in a handmade porcelain bowl, nicely presenting the food, rather then in an anonymous dish. Artisanal plates spark joy and beauty; they have a story to tell and they can enhance your daily meals. So, think about up dating your dinnerware collection.

We suggest two exclusive, durable and timeless collections: Acquarello and Latte. Both are dishwasher safe and I personally use them every day and for special occasions. They have two different styles, but they are both unique and extremely versatile for an elegant, as well as for a casual tablescape.

handmade porcelain luxury dinner set


handmade ceramic luxury dinner set

Ready to transform your apartment into your dreamy home? Let us know your feed back!

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