Unique handmade porcelain dinnerware: Foglia

Atelier 13 is a studio founded in 2007 in Istanbul by Asli Aydemir, head designer and master ceramicist. We went to visit her to better understand her original method of producing and decorating porcelain, which is inspired by woodcut techniques, i.e. printing with wooden blocks that have been engraved with patterns or figures. This technique has its origins in textile printing, silk in particular. Through experimentation and constant research on innovative methods of production and decoration, Asli has succeeded brilliantly in applying it to porcelain, creating exclusive and unique dinnerware entirely by hand.The studio is located on a small street in old Istanbul in a two-story house where Asli also offers ceramics courses. In addition to a few young but expert assistants, the shelves and worktables are also occupied by a number of cats who complete the Atelier 13 team.

Atelier Workshop

Dishes, cups, kitchen containers and other objects are produced through a process that involves creating molds, pouring the liquid porcelain in the molds, different methods of decoration, eventual glazing and finally, firing. It’s a process that requires a lot of time and specialized skill. And because each item is crafted individually, no two are ever exactly the same.

Production process Atelier13

Now let’s look at a video that shows how the dishes in our Foglia collection are produced using the wooden stamp method called the ‘Yazma technique’, since the decorations are symbols taken from the traditions of Anatolia, a fascinating region.

So what do you think? Foglia porcelain dinner set features a highly original and unique design and is lightweight, durable and dishwasher safe. It adapts to any style: elegant, shabby chic, even modern, thanks to its clean contemporary line. And it’s guaranteed to make a great impression on your guests.

We propose it here in a Christmas setting, given the proximity of the holidays, as well as in summer mode and, why not, bridal! While Foglia would certainly make a precious gift, it’s also perfect for every day because you can combine it in infinite ways.

Foglia Xmas

Foglia Bridal

Handmade Porcelain

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