Why We Love Cactus and Succulent

It’s time to go green, and here is why we love cactus and succulent (and you should too!).

The summer season challenges our “green thumb”: we love to stay outside in the green, we love to be surrounded by flowers and plants in the house, on the terrace or in our garden.

But when we have to chose which plants to buy, we start wondering if they will survive, if we will be able to take care of them, if they are the right plants for that spot…. No Panic! Succulent and cactus are the right choices for any kind of living spaces: indoor, outdoor, beach houses, mountain retreats, city apartments, northern as well as southern countries across the globe.

Not only succulent and cactus need very few attentions – just lots of light! – but they are extremely decorative and can be used in any space in the house: from the bathroom to the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the dining room or in entryways.

Cactus style bedroom


Cactus bathroom

You can unleash your creativity with hundreds of different species to plant in pots and vases of all sorts of shapes and colors. Even old or chipped glasses are perfect to plant them, and could be a very original idea for a gift in any occasion.


Cactus pots and containers

cactus vases and pottery

cactus gift idea

Cactus in Home Trends: Desert Chic and Mediterranean Style

Cactus design is trendy both in fashion and in home décor. Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Coachella, and many others are adopting cactus on their creations.

cactus fashion haute couture

Wallpapers, furniture, accessories with cactus motif are spreading around, frequently matched with modern and boho styles.

cactus wallpaper


paul smith cactus


cactus boho style

We love those plants because they inspire happiness and joy, they are fresh and they bring life to any spaces, they recall summer and sunny days, they fit with Mexican and Mediterranean bright colors, helping boost our mood.

mexican and mediterranean cactus style

All of these reasons made cactus and succulent the right plants to décor your home, but also your dining table. Set up a creative centerpiece made of a mix of succulent and cactus for a casual and fun friends gathering, or combine shabby or rustic chic tabletop, with artistic pots and cacti.

cactus centerpiece


The Sill_spring

The Sill

cactus trend on tablesetting and dining



Artwork: Bamboo Yellow Glass Platter and Hans Fischer dinnerware

Artwork: Bamboo Yellow Glass Platter and Hans Fischer dinnerware


Ethnic and Shabby together! From the left: Pietra, Ricamo and Latte dinner sets

Ethnic and Shabby together! From the left: Pietra, Ricamo and Latte dinner sets


Modern resin tableware: mezzo Pieno pots or glasses?

Modern resin tableware: Mezzo Pieno pots or glasses?


Hand painted Cactus dinner set

Hand painted Cactus dinner set

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